Wesson the Boy

Mara: I’m going to school tomorrow.
Me: What grade are you going to be in?
Mara: Orange grade. I need shoes though, to ride on the bus.
Me: You’re moving up in the world.
Justin: That’s halfway to red grade.

Ass Pro

Me: Where’d you get your cool shirt?
Mara: The fish store.
Me: What’s the fish store called?
Mara: *thoughtful pause* Ass Pro Shops.

"I think turbine means windmill in Spanish." - Wesson

The boss of me

Mara: I want a drink.
Me: You just had a juice box.
Mara: How ‘bout popcorn?
Me: That’s not a drink. Want to try again? How about some water?
Mara: Yeah. In a liquor glass.


Wesson: What kind of bouncy ball is this?
Me: It’s just a bouncy ball.
Wesson: No, what kind is it?
Me: A green bouncy ball.
Wesson: No, what KIND is it?
Me: It’s a giant, green bouncy ball.
Wesson: NOOO. Just tell me what kind it is!
Me: Ronco, Wesson. It is a Ronco giant green bouncy ball and it doubles as a deep fryer.
Wesson: *long pause* I don’t believe you.

Secular and Southern

Wesson pointed at a big portrait of a nativity scene today and complimented the Chick-fil-a employee on their great pirate painting.


"Pretend you’re a penguin and LEAVE ME ALONE!" - Wesson, to Mara


Wesson: Can I have some of those circles with the numbers on them that come in a red box?

Skittles. The answer is Skittles.

Mara just yelled “Is that a platypus?!?” while she was sleeping. Her dreams must be fantastic.

On the phone with Me:
Justin: Wesson, would you like mommy to get you something from Jimmy Johns?
Wesson: Yeah, it’d better be a sandwich.

He’s learning early.